Welcome to WETJET

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for the best shark fishing in the world!   WETJET, located in the Sanibel Outlet mall, sits perfectly in Fort Myers Florida, which is quite unique when it comes to shark fishing!  Why you ask?  Because it sits directly on 3 waterways which converge here.  This creates “super currents” where moving water keeps the oxygen levels at a very high rate, as these moving waters average 14 MPH. Because of this, and the fact that sharks thrive on moving water, makes this area a world class shark fishing destination.

The Calahoosie River, which travels in from Lake Okeechobee meets the backwaters of Sanibel & Captiva creating a drawing current to the Gulf which then converges with the big waters of the Gulf of Mexico creating what is known to the locals as the “Tooth Triangle”.   The waters here move at such a high rate, keeping the oxygen levels high, and fish abundant and the shark fishing world class.    WETJET TOURS happens to be smack dab in the middle of some of the best inshore, nearshore and deep-sea Shark fishing in Florida. Sharks are plentiful all year round from the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico to the shallow flats in and around Fort Myers Beach.

More than a dozen different Shark species lurk beneath these waters: Black Tips, Spinners, Hammerheads, Nurse, Lemons, Bonnet Heads, Bull sharks and more call the west coast of Florida home. Have you heard about the legendary Hammerhead Old Hitler that hangs out on the west coast of Florida?  A Hammer  head as wide as a pickup truck and is longer than most of the fishing boats it has been spotted from. If you are not sufficiently pumped up about your Shark fishing charter by now, research Old Hitler.

Morning Bait Bite

9am to Noon

$200 per person, (max 2)

The bait bite charter is a quick hitter intended to give the experienced fishermen a fun couple hours where you will go one on one salt water fishing with the captain catching bait for the afternoon and evening charters. Throwing spoons, plugs and jigs, you will catch an abundant number of Spanish Mackerel, Blue Runners, Jack Fish and more. This is a fun fishing experience in which a moderate level of fishing & casting experience is necessary.

Midday Madness

1pm to 5:30 PM

$295 per Person or $1180 per boat (4 Max)

This charter is certain to get your blood pumping as Capt Mark and our crew are going to bring you to the “Tooth Triangle” where sharks are abundant and ready to give you the fishing experience of a lifetime.  So grab 3 of your buddies and prepare for the MIDDAY MADNESS SHARK CHARTER.

Night Bite

6:30 to Midnight

$325 a person or $1300 per boat (max 4)

When the sun goes down, Shark fishing gets exciting, as that’s when sharks really get the bite on.  These creatures love the depths of the ocean and the darkness as the element of surprise makes them one of the best night feeders in the ocean.

Gone Fishing Tour

8:30 to Noon Daily

Price: $395 Per Machine (one person per machine)

*must have basic fishing skills & knowledge and at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license.

If you are feeling the Dare to Explore and a fishing adventure is on your bucket list, then look no further! This 3-hour, all-inclusive, guided jet ski and backwater fishing tour in Fort Myers is sure to satisfy your fishing desires. The backwaters of Fort Myers are ranked one of the top fishing areas in the entire world, and on a Jet Ski you can get in on Redfish, Snook, Sheep head, and more…

Your experienced guide will bring you to amazing places where most boats can’t get into and put you on the fish. Our Sea-Doo rentals also includes a “catch and cook” location in Fort Myers where we will cook up your daily catch and go home with a full tummy! DO YOU DARE TO EXPLORE?

Plundering Pirate Tour

2:30 PM - 4:30 PM - Daily

Price: $245 Per Machine (limit 2 people per machine)

ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH you ready to be taken back in time, some 250 years, a time when hidden treasures were buried and plundering pirates roamed these very islands. The fact is that pirates combed these very waters looking for Spanish ships to overtake. You will learn about the revengeful pirate Jose Gaspar and his buccaneers, who on these very waters, sunk over 15 Spanish ships revenging the execution of his wife by the Spanish government. Our guided jet ski tour in Fort Myers will take you to places of epic battles, lost treasure and sunken ships and endless lore, giving you a 1st personal perspective possibly inspiring you to grab a shovel and start digging for treasure!