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Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the FORT MYERS FLORIDA CATCH AND RELEASE SHARK FISING INVITATIONAL, THE GREATEST SHARK FISHING TOURMANET/FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD! Regardless of if you are a seasoned tournament fisherman, or a team fresh to the sport. Due to the size of this event, we have received extensive media interest, as ESPN, Bass Masters, and Shark Week all have taken interest in promoting the event! Because we are located close to some of the best fishing in the world with great harbors, great restaurants, and world class beaches this tournament is certain to be an awesome experience for all involved. This Invitational tournament is a boat only tournament, which means you must participate from a boat! In order to make this a top tournament want teams with amazing experience and fishing tournament experience, however we are also looking for teams that are new to the sport who feel would be competitive and want an opportunity to compete. Please, if interested, fill out the online application, being certain you fill it out completely, as your application and entry fee will be processed as soon as possible. Please know slip space can be found in the area, however it is the teams responsibility. This is a fishing tournament for fishermen, run by fishermen with the concerns of the fishermen at heart. Note: Our Tournament runs 30 Hours continuously from 6am Saturday July 2nd, to 3pm Sunday July 3rd. With the Awards to follow at 4pm. TOURNAMENT RULES 1. Registration is by the Boat, all 5 team members must be listed, and anglers may not switch boats. In the event of a boat disability, a boat not entered in the tournament may fish in the name of the tournament registered boat with prior approval from the tournament. 2. NO COMMERCIAL FISHING VESSELS ALLOWED!! Charter boats with anglers will be permitted. 3. It is required that each boat and angler prior to tournament provide proof of State of Florida licenses. Please know each angler has a responsibility to follow all local rules, regulations and standards required by the State of Florida, Lee County, and the Fishing Tournament Committee. 4. Fishing days are 6am Saturday 7-2-2022, through 3pm Sunday 7-2-2022. All Boats must leave no earlier than 4:00 AM. Boats must text when the first line breaks the water. 5. All fish caught must be documented & reported via text to the land based captain Which is then turned into the “Catch” officials at the tournament headquarters. 6. The Shark must be returned alive to qualify. A. White Board must be completely filled out and photo taken with shark and turned in immediately after shark is returned to water. B. Points are based on Species, and length, and “LIVE RETURN” C. Release video is also required 7. Florida rules apply. Rod and reel ONLY, Unlimited number of rods, NO harpoons or Bang Sticks or GAFFING. 8. Shark Value and Categories will be provided day prior to tournament. 9. Any Tournament observers, judge, official, Photographers, and or Scientists may be placed on any tournament registered boat at the tournaments sole discretion, any boat that denies such request by the tournament will be disqualified immediately. 11. There is no weather committee. The decision to fish is left solely to participants who do so at their own risk. 12. Any protest must be made in writing and presented to the Tournament Director by 7:45 PM each day. 13. All Tournament decisions are final. 14. All boats are required to submit Catch and Release Affidavits each day. 15. A sportsmanlike conduct is required of all participants: No display of Shark Heads, or parts. 16. Prize winners may be subject to a polygraph test immediately following the tournament. 17. Any rules violation will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament. No second chances. REGISTER AT: *Click on INVITATIONA TOURNAMENT PAGE *Fill Out Registration *Registration Opens April 25, 2022 Questions call 651-600-0648 or email [email protected]