10 Baby Boomer Slang Phrases That Make Millennials Really Don’t Understand

One observer said that many baby boomers have said "right on." She always has trouble understanding what the phrase means.

1. Right On

Many phrases were popular when boomers were growing up. But these words and sentences are no longer used. 

2. Tight

In the 1960s and 1970s, hippie meant a man with long hair who took hallucinogenic drugs and defied social norms.

3. Hippie

Like fashion and fads, some words and expressions become popular and then disappear. ‘Groovy’ describes this. To enjoy something, baby boomers remark, ‘It is groovy.’

4. Groovy

The word "funky" is slang. In the 1960s, it was used a lot. It was used for things or looks that were brightly colored, cool, stylish, and one-of-a-kind.

5. Funky

Gen Z and millennials say today that it is cool or beautiful. People used to say about a person, "He's smart" or "He's smart."

6. Cool Beans

One old man said that he was once in a mall shopping. And he was looking for some good shoes. One is brought to him by the owner, and he likes it.

7. Outa Sight

Can you dig it? sounds like a familiar phrase that means the same thing as asking someone to dig a pit. But this phrase is not as easy as it sounds.

8. Can You Dig It?

Another word that is rarely used today is "bread." People used to ask each other, "What do you do for bread?" when baby boomers were young. 

9. Bread

In comments, one person said that people say wow, amazing, extraordinary, or mind-blowing when they want to say something shocking.

10. Far Out