10 Best Bodyweight Exercises To Build a Lean Upper Body


Variations like diamond push-ups or decline push-ups can further target specific muscle groups.


They also engage the shoulders and core for stabilization. If you're unable to do full pull-ups, assisted variations or inverted rows.


You can perform dips using parallel bars, dip stations, or even sturdy chairs or benches.

Bodyweight Rows:

Bodyweight rows, also known as inverted rows or Australian pull-ups, are a great way to target the muscles of the upper back, including the lats and rhomboids.


Handstand push-ups are an advanced bodyweight exercise that targets the shoulders, upper chest, and triceps.

Pike Push-Ups:

They help build strength and stability in the shoulders while also engaging the chest and triceps.

Tricep Dips:

You can perform them using parallel bars, dip stations, or even a sturdy chair or bench.


They help improve posture and strengthen the muscles that support the spine.

Plank Variations:

They also help improve shoulder stability and strengthen the muscles of the upper body.


They also provide a cardiovascular challenge, making them an effective addition to any bodyweight workout routine.

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