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10 Best Hairstyle Ideas to Transform Your Look

Go for a smooth, chin-length bob with soft layers and a side-swept bang. This style never goes out of style, and you can wear it straight or with soft waves.

Classic Bob with a Modern Twist

Get a laid-back look with a long bob (lob) that has beachy waves. Add texturizing spray for a look that looks like you didn't even try.

Messy Textured Lob

For a stylish and put-together look, pull your hair up into a high ponytail. To improve the look, wrap a piece of hair around the hair tie.

Elegant High Ponytail

With a braided crown, you can make your hair look dreamy and beautiful. Make a part in the middle of your hair and braid each side. Wrap the knots around your head and pin them in place.

Braided Crown

Put your hair in a low bun at the nape of your neck to look chic and professional. For a finished look, smooth down any loose hairs.

Sleek Low Bun

With a trendy shag haircut, you can show off your natural curls. Your curls will have more movement and depth if they have layers and structure.

Curly Shag

A fishtail braid is a fun way to spice up your haircut. This braid looks hard to do, but it's actually pretty simple. You can wear it simply or dress it up.

Fishtail Braid

Side-swept waves with a lot of volume will give you a Hollywood look. Make open waves with a curling iron and move them to one side.

Side-Swept Glamour

Choose a chic short cut if you want to be brave. This edgy style can bring out the best in your face and make you look bold and unique.

Edgy Pixie Cut

A half-up, half-down haircut with a top knot is both casual and on-trend. This style keeps your hair out of your face and makes you look stylish.

Half-Up Top Knot

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