10 Brilliant Frugal Living Tips From The Boomer Generation

"When you go food shopping, buy one non-perishable item that isn't on your list or that you don't need right away. Make it a habit. 

1.  Build Up Your Pantry

"Learn to fix things yourself. I'm sure I can fix anything if I use YouTube, Wikipedia, and Reddit. 

2. Learn To Repair

"Put all your spare change in a cash bank, jar, or other container at the end of the day. When it is full, count it, roll it, and put it in the bank. 

3. Keep The Change

Take full advantage of any matching contributions your company may make to your 401(k), employee stock option plans, etc. 

4. Don’t Leave Money On The Floor

First, pay yourself. Have a certain amount, even if it's just $10, go straight into a savings account.

5. Pay Yourself

Shop for second-hand clothes and shoes. It’s a big business now, so I’m saying something other than digging through the Goodwill bins.

6. Second Hand Is Not Always A Thrift Store

"If you have a pet, set aside $75 to $100 a month for pet care. Some of it will go toward food, and the rest will stay in your account.

7. Plan Ahead

Someone else added, "Occasionally splurge. Saving can't mean going without. Just like when you try to lose weight, if you are too strict, you will fall off the wagon.

8. Don’t Forget To Splurge Sometimes

"You don't have to buy everything with a big brand, especially food. Look for better deals on the lower shelves.

9. Look Down

Finally, a user shared, “I’ve learned the days my favorite store has their markdowns.

10. Learn When Your Store Has Markdowns