10 Cheap, Easy Breakfast Ideas for a Stellar Start to Your Day

People often say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many Americans today don't have time to eat before going to work.

1. Fuel Your Morning

Hummus is often eaten as an appetizer or snack, but in many places of the Middle East, it is a typical breakfast food.

2. English Muffin

Sunday night, make rice cereal, put it in the fridge, and warm it up Monday morning. One person can eat a quarter cup of rice.

3. Rice Porridge

Fill a tortilla with scrambled eggs, beans, sausage, cheese, and any other items you want, roll it up, and bake it for a few minutes so the cheese melts.

4. Breakfast Burrito

To satisfy your inner foodie, toast a piece of bread, cut a hole in the middle, place the toast in a frying pan, and cook an egg in the hole.

5. Egg-In-a-Hole

A simple and cheap way to start the day is to spice up a bowl of oatmeal. About 30 people can be fed by a 42-ounce can of plain oats, which costs about $4 at Target.

6. Oatmeal

The simple warm bagel is becoming more and more common as an American breakfast. Spread some peanut butter, jelly, or cream cheese on it to add taste and protein.

7. Bagel

This green fruit can be expensive when it's not in season (from fall to spring), but in the summer, avocados are cheap, plentiful, and full of healthy fats and nutrients.

8. Egg and Avocado on Toast

Even though this is another oatmeal dish, overnight oats have a creamier texture than oats made in the morning.

9. Overnight Oats

For a cheap and quick breakfast that tastes like it came from a restaurant, reheat some dried strawberries, toast a waffle, and pour the fruit on top.

10. Strawberry Waffle