10 Cool Hairstyles For Women With Really Short Hair

1. Choppy Baby Bangs

The baby bangs are the focal feature of this short bob. You can experiment with unusually short bangs depending on the form of your brow.

2. Classic Buzz Cut

This is one of the most stylish short hairstyles. What is shorter than a standard buzz cut for incredibly short hair? For a more daring look, dye your hair blonde or other lighter colours.

3. Slick Back

It's tidy, stylish, and practical. When your short hair is growing out, it might be difficult to manage. Simply put some lightweight wax on them and comb them back.

4. Slick Side-Part

This is the most fashionable short hairstyle. Instead of slicking it completely back, try a clean side parting. This looks wonderful for both professional and casual occasions.

5. The Swoop

This one will have folks talking for days. The sides are swept back, while the middle is fashioned in a swoopy, swirly fake mohawk.

6. Edgy Layered Bob

The edgy layered bob is elegant and fashionable. The front features shorter layered bangs, and the rear has longer layers.

7. One Side Waves

The golden bob is distinguished by thick side-swept layers on one side and shorter trims on the other.

8. Edgy Short Bob

The short bob has side-swept bangs in the front and lengthier side edges in the rear. A millimeter shave around the temple heightens the punk aspect.

9. Retro Mix

The classic combination creates an exceptional look. The retro-inspired curly-wavy hair is accented with a flower.

10. Pixie Long Bangs

The pixie has long bangs that curve the forehead and finer, irregular layers behind.

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