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10 Foods You Shouldn't Eat At Night


Tomatoes should be avoided at night due to their high acidic content that can cause acidity.

​​Ice cream​

Ice cream consumption late at night may raise the stress hormone cortisol, which makes it difficult to sleep at night.

​​Green tea​

Stimulants in green tea in addition to caffeine, have been linked to elevated heart rate, nervousness, and general anxiety when consumed at night.


Cheese consumption before night can reduce sleep quality and increase alertness.

​​Ketchup and fries​

Fries are greasy and ketchup is acidic. Their combination may not be suitable when you’re planning to hit the hay.


Contrary to popular belief, your body can't fully engage in its REM cycle when drinking wine.

​​Citrus fruit

Acidic fruits like oranges and grapefruit can make heartburn symptoms worse.


The energising effects of caffeine might extend for eight to fourteen hours. So, it’s better to delay it till morning.


Beer drinkers typically wake up every two to three hours after going to bed to use the restroom.

​​Spicy food​

Too much chilli in food can boost your metabolism, but they are also known for reducing your ability to fall asleep.