10 Gorgeous Cheerleader Hairstyles for Young Girls

To style the hair of a dancer, all you have to do is make beautiful waves and locks in their medium-length or long hair.

1. Elegant Medium Beach Waves

There are a lot of different braid types to choose from, and pigtail braids are both pretty and useful.

2. Double Dutch Braids

Girls who want a standard and timeless cheerleader hairstyle can choose pigtails, which look good on all hair lengths and are easy to do.

4. Pigtail Styles

If you have long hair, you don't have to do anything crazy with it. You can just make gentle waves, and that's it.

5. Long and Wavy Hair

All drama fans should be happy! The high ponytail with a lot of volume will add more drama to your look, and it goes without saying that you'll look amazing.

6. High Weave Ponytail

They look fabulous, but at the same time, these braids are incredibly practical. Basically, it’s a win-win situation for you.

7. Box Braids

Curls are the cutest and cutest thing ever for a cheerleader's hair. They're a sign of freedom and make your look more interesting. 

8. Curly Lob

A surefire way to add volume to thin or fine hair is to make small waves in it. All that bounce will give you a boost of confidence right away.

9. Blonde and Wavy Hair

Choppy hairstyles add texture to your hair and are a great way to frame your face. If you wear your hair in a short style with strands that are twisted, you'll feel great.

10. Natural Two Strands Twist