10 Healthiest Fast-Food Burgers, According to Dietitians

Chicken Sandwich:

Opt for a sandwich with grilled chicken breast, whole wheat bun, and plenty of vegetable toppings.

Veggie Burger:

Vegetables can be a nutritious option. Look for veggie burgers that are grilled or baked rather than fried.

Turkey Burger:

Turkey burgers are lower in saturated fat and calories while still providing protein.

Lean Beef Burger:

Choose a burger made from lean beef, such as a hamburger patty made from lean ground beef (90% lean or higher). 

Bison Burger:

Bison burgers are becoming more widely available at fast-food restaurants and are often lower in fat and calories compared to beef burgers.

Mushroom Burger:

Portobello mushroom burgers are a vegetarian option that provides a meaty texture and flavor without the added fat and calories.

Slider Burgers:

Opting for a slider burger with lean beef or grilled chicken can help control portion size and calorie intake.

Customized Burgers:

Many fast-food restaurants allow you to customize your burger, so you can choose healthier options like extra vegetables.

Low-Sodium Options:

Look for burgers with lower sodium content, as excess sodium intake can contribute to health issues like high blood pressure.

Salad Burger

Some fast-food chains offer burger options served over a bed of salad greens instead of a bun.

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