10 Home Trends Boomers Adore, But The World Wants To Forget

Plant lovers today might strongly disagree, but ferns were everywhere and highly valued in the past. But they don't have to be in every room anymore.


You may remember decorating your home with animal prints or having at least one item in a room with one. 

Animal Print

Lace doilies and their retro look have a charm that can't be denied, but they give off an old-fashioned vibe.

Lace Doilies

Mass-produced art is good for people who are on a tight budget, but seeing the same piece of art in three different homes can get boring. 

Mass-Produced Furniture/Art

In the 1990s, people liked to decorate their homes in creative ways, which led to sponge painting becoming a style. 

Sponge Painted Walls

If you were alive in the 1980s, you probably remember bathrooms with soft colors. But it's time to stop following this trend.

Pastel Rooms

The early 2000s ushered in various household trends, including low-rise jeans, frosted tips, and a distinct kitchen style.

Tuscan Kitchens

Carpet used to be popular in bathrooms, but it has a lot of bad things about it.

Carpet in Bathrooms

 When curtains and window valances have the same design and both go with the furniture, it feels like time has stopped.

Matching Window Treatments

Phrases like "Live, Laugh, Love" used to be on the walls of homes, but now they make people cringe.

Art with Words