10 Outdated Relationship Tips from Boomers That Millennials Regret Hearing

Boomers tend to have limited ideas about who would make a good partner for their children. 

1. You Have to Stick to Your Kind

They think that the key to a good relationship is making compromises and that being selfish or stubborn will lead to fights and anger. This isn't always true, though.

2. You Have to Compromise on Everything

Most baby boomers tell today's millennials to stick with their relationships through good times and bad, even if they're unhappy or dissatisfied. 

3. You Have to Stay Together No Matter What

It's too bad that some people have fixed ideas about how men and women should act and teach younger people to do the same.

4. You Have to Follow Traditional Gender Roles

Boomers tend to stress how important it is to be completely open and honest with your partner. They see any kind of secrets or hiding as a sign of dishonesty or lack of trust.

5. You Have to Share Everything With Your Partner

Millennials know that happiness is an inside job and that it's not their job to make their partner happy.

6. You Have to Make Your Partner Happy

Millennials have a different perspective on relationships than boomers.

7. You Have to Find Your Soulmate

Millennials understand the importance of balance and moderation in relationships.

8. Always Prioritize Your Partner

The baby boomer group often thinks that owning a home is a must before starting a family.

9. You Need to Buy a House Before Starting a Family