18 Special Occasion Hairstyles That Will Make You Enchant the Big Day!

1. Dutch Braid Crown and Messy Bun

Dutch braids can make such beautiful hats that you don't need to do much else to your hair to look so special.

2. Back Tucked Braid with Front Flick

The cute thing about this hairdo is, of course, the front flick, but that braid right behind the flick is also beautiful. 

3. Wedding Messy Bun Hairdo with Embellishments

That big wedding day is definitely the most important day in a woman's life. You should have a hairstyle that makes you look like a queen.

4. Stephanie’s Wedding Hair Archive

You can find everything you need for hair and makeup on Stephanie Brinkerhoff's Instagram, which is your one-stop shop for both.

5. Romantic Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

If you think low buns are a common something when it comes to wedding hairstyles, this one is going to take you by a surprise!

6. Long Curly Formal Updo Hairstyle

Celebrate the magic of your curly hair with this beautiful updo that's not only sweet and unique, but can also be worn in many different ways.

7. Side Swept Hair Tucked in a Floral Clip

A super cute alternate for you if you can’t go for braids or ponytails to work up a styling of splendour!

8. Super Voluminous Bun Updo

The key to making the style shown in the below Pin is to tie the hair in an open knot and then twist it into a low bun.

9. Low Bun With a Silver Headband Crown

There are times when you can take even the simplest hairstyle and make it look great by adding a beautiful accessory.

10. Low Bun with Dutch Braid Crown

Big, fluffy Dutch braids are always a good choice for a party-ready hairstyle. They are one of the hottest hairstyle styles of the last 10 years. 

11. Gorgeous Feminine Wedding Hairstyle

This wedding haircut stands out because it makes you look like you didn't try too hard, but is still beautiful in its own way.

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