10 The Best 1950s Hairstyles For Women That Look Classy

1. Pixie Cut

Short hair was popular in the 1950s, but the pixie cut made it seem longer. Audrey Hepburn popularized the look, which is still in use today.

2. Baby Bangs

Audrey Hepburn was a fan of these 1950s bangs with curls, waves, ponytails, or updos. To get this look, trim a small section of your front hair to fall in the center of your forehead.

3. Big Victory Rolls

The 1950s were all about big hair and short hair. Big victory rolls were popular among females in the 1950s. To get this look, use mousse, a round brush, and a blow dryer.

4. The Faux Bob

Women with long hair may experiment with short hairstyles such as the faux bob. Using a wide round brush and a blow dryer, create the dramatic wave.

5. The French Twist

The French twist was a stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle was popular among women of all ages. With a little bouffant and a dazzling barrette, you may give your French twist a 1950s vibe.

6. Curly Bob

Throughout WWII, as men fought, women did men's jobs. After the war, women resumed their lives, while men came home. Short hairstyles, such as the curly bob, were still popular among women.

7. Bettie Bangs

Bettie Page was a pin-up girl. Women desired her hair, and men desired her. Her thick hair was lovely, but her bangs stood out. Bettie bangs are now worn by women all over the globe.

8. Bettie Page Waves

The bulk of these hairstyles are brief. This is one of the few well-known 1950s long hairstyles. 'Beat girls' imitated Bettie Page's signature waves and mid-forehead bangs.

9. Roller Hair

Sleeping with rollers for beautiful curls became popular in the 1950s. For a Parisian look, female college students donned berets with curls.

10. Poodle Hair

Poodle haircuts were popular in the 1950s. The hand-rolled curls reminded me of poodle hair. This style was popular at formal gatherings in the 1950s.

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