10 Things Everyone Agrees With Boomers That Have Gone Too Far

Touchscreens in Cars

The newest autos have infotainment displays. Touchscreens distract us from the road, contrary to what all drivers were taught. As usual, tech upgrades raise warranty costs without software coverage.

Too Many Subscriptions

Many of these monthly dues we attempt, forget, and give our personal information for. We acquire charges too rapidly and are too sluggish to remove them. Some subscriptions are useful, but who needs them all?

Owning Physical Media

One user reported that a streaming company removed several of her favorite movies and TV series, making them difficult to discover.

Bring Back Human Operators

Do you like chatbots or automated operators for customer service? Answering your inquiries repeatedly may save firms money, but it might frustrate you.

Loud Music In Bars and Retailers

One said music should improve your experience, not block out your hearing and make it hard to hear others. Not just pubs and restaurants, but even clothes shops have unresponsive salesmen.

Fast Fashion

Young folks seeking inexpensive high-fashion copies love fast fashion. Without stress testing, firms selling them for less use cheap synthetic materials to mass-produce them rapidly and badly.

TV Shows Have Gotten Too Dark and Too Loud

Besides the darkness, background sounds are louder than the conversation, therefore many people need subtitles.

Too Many Apps

Both Boomers and others online discussed the silly and wonderful ways people are being urged to download kitchen appliance applications, making things more complex.

Usernames and Passwords

New accounts for subscriptions and applications need usernames and passwords, which is frustrating. Boomers and previous generations never had to supply personal information for several login accounts.

Take A Break From Your Smartphones

It happens on roadways, at green red lights, at restaurants with people, even in public restrooms where they loudly converse on their speaker.