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10 Viral TikTok Recipes That Are Worth Making At Home

Crinkle cake

The phyllo crinkle cake, with layers of filo (phyllo) pastry cuddled by custard, has racked up nearly 15 million views since it was revealed by creator @ramenasaidwow.

Twisted bacon

Any recipes involving bacon tend to get attention, and this one puts a literal twist on the salty-sweet favourite.

Sushi bake

It’s tricky to pinpoint who started the trend of baking sushi ingredients and flavours into a delicious, shareable dish.

Angel milk

There’s nothing tricky about this huge TikTok trend, whose hashtag has amassed around 30 million views so far.

Nutella French toast rolls

It’s not hard to see why this TikTok trend has become so popular, with nearly 180 million views of videos demonstrating the recipe.

Salmon rice bowl

TikTok user @emilymariko cooked up a storm when she shared her salmon rice bowl creation, with the hashtag edging close to 125 million views.

Green goddess salad

To say the green goddess salad shared by @bakedbymelissa in late 2021 took off would be an understatement.

Smoked queso dip

The ‘smokedqueso’ hashtag has surpassed 80 million views on TikTok, with snackers clamouring to make a version of this gloriously gooey creation.

Pizza toast

Perhaps the last place you’d expect to find a pizza recipe is on a supermodel’s TikTok, but here it is.

Dalgona coffee

Making this elegant-looking coffee was one of the most popular trends during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and it's still getting attention.