11 Flawless Short Hairstyles for Women Over 60

1. Combed Back

This one works well for people with shorter hair. Just use a comb or your fingers to sweep the hair back and away from your face.

2. Short Highlighted Hair

If your hair is short and dark, add some thin blonde highlights to warm it up. Place them around your face to make your skin look warmer.

3. Wavy Hair with Glasses

 When your hair already has a lot of thickness, you can just part it down the middle and let it do the rest.

4. Short Black Hair

A chin-length bob is a classier style for black hair. This short length doesn't need much framing, so a small amount of fringe will do.

5. Purple Pixie

We love older women who like different hair colors. For example, this light purple looks great on a short pixie cut with lots of volume and lift at the crown.

6. Short Ponytail

While running errands or hanging out at the house, put your hair up and out of your face.

7. Wavy Gray Bob

Gray hair on women over 60 has never looked better than when it's cut shoulder-length with waves and a thick side bang.

8. Short Brown Curls

A bob or shorter haircut will tame it into a stylish look.

9. White Pompadour

Women over 60 don't have pompadours very often, so you're sure to stand out. For this cool look, let your white or gray hair grow out.

10. Short and Messy

Natural hair is the most liberating thing for over-60s. Cut it shoulder-length and use mousse or hair cream if you use product.

11. Short Golden Curls on Top

 All you have to do is curl down the top part of your hair and spray it with hairspray to make it last as long as possible.

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