11 Reasons No One Cares About Gen X

They don't talk as much as Boomers or know as much about technology as Millennials, so sometimes they're just... there.

Stuck in the Middle

Generation X grew up when kids were allowed to stay home alone. They didn't need constant care when they were younger, and they don't want it now.

They’re Self-Sufficient

They don't spend all their time fighting like the Boomers or staring at their phones like Generation Z.

No Extreme Stereotypes

Gen X has seen it all, from records to CDs to VHS to streaming, and has changed with little trouble. Maybe not loud enough

They Adapt Well

While people in other generations are trying to figure out who they are, Gen X is more interested in living life without having a label.

Not Big on Labels

Younger, more vocal people often have Gen Xers as parents.

They’re Busy Parenting Millennials and Gen Z

Gen Xers don't like to talk about it as much as they like to do it. They would rather show than tell.

They Prefer Actions Over Words

And they’re not always eager to share those “dark ages” stories with everyone.

They Remember a World Before the Internet

Gen X went to work after the industrial revolution but before the tech boom. They have been working regularly without making a big deal out of it.

Less Drama, More Work

Gen X is happy to do their thing in the background, making quiet but important changes, while other generations fight for the attention.

They Don’t Mind the Shadows