11 Side Effects Of Hair Smoothing

1. Chronic Hair Fall

Hair loss may or may not affect your looks, but you need to think about more than just how it looks. 

2. Dizziness and Skin Rashes

The harsh chemicals used in hair smoothing treatments can cause nausea and dizziness.

3. Damage To The Natural Hair Texture

As children, we liked our hair regardless of texture. As we grew up, curiosity led us to dangerous procedures to make our hair ‘parlor-ready.’

4. Extreme Dryness

Keratin smoothing sure does make it easy for you to handle your wild curls for the first few months.

5. Split Ends

The moment you discover one split end, you know a whole army of split ends is close on its heels!

6. Dandruff

Dandruff is definitely one of the worst problems you can have with your hair. It takes away all the good things and makes your skin feel terrible.

7. Greasiness

Imagine waking up every other day with hair that was greasy and smelled bad. When you use too many hair lotions and serums to keep your hair smooth, it gets greasy.

8. Hair Thinning

With regular visits to the spa, you may think that your hair is getting pampered.

9. Hair Discoloration

Serums used during hair smoothing and harsh chemical-based washes recommended after keratin treatment can prematurely gray hair.

10. Health Hazards

There are some problems that come with being beautiful, and health problems are one of them. 

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