12 Things Boomers Did As Kids But Were Really Dangerous

If you don't take the right safety precautions, climbing to high places can cause you to fall and hurt yourself badly.

1. Climbing Trees

Bicycle riding is a normal thing for kids to do, but not wearing a helmet can be very dangerous. 

2. Riding Bicycles Without Helmets

Fireworks are exciting and captivating, especially during celebrations like Independence Day.

3. Playing with Fireworks

The height and force of hitting the water can cause major injuries, such as damage to the spine, broken bones, and head injuries. 

4. Jumping from High Diving Boards

A lot of kids would jump on skateboards or rollerblades without even thinking about safety gear. 

5. Riding Skateboards

Some kids, though, would push the limits and swing higher and higher, not understanding how dangerous it could be. 

6. Swinging Too High

Children who like to try new things might be tempted to go into abandoned buildings that look strange. 

7. Exploring Abandoned Buildings

Building ramps for bike jumps at home was a popular thing for kids to do. But accidents can happen if the building isn't built well or the landing isn't done right.

8. Building DIY Ramps for Bicycles

Children are usually curious, and many of them have ended up playing with knives, scissors, or needles.

9. Playing with Sharp Objects

Engaging in sports is an excellent way for kids to have fun and stay active.

10. Skipping Safety Measures in Sports

Many brave kids may have enjoyed jumping off rooftops or platforms. However, this recklessness can cause fractured bones, head traumas, and spinal damage.

11. Jumping off Roofs