12 Incredible Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

1. Loose Ponytail

From down to up, Jennifer Aniston can wear any hairdo. We saw her in a classic ponytail at the ‘Friends With Money’ premiere. A little sloppy ponytail adds volume! 

2. Tousled Side-Parted Wavy Hair

The little side part is perfect for individuals who prefer a center part but know it may harshen your lines as you age. 

3. Highlighted And Messy Wavy Layers

Aniston is naturally brunette but favors light blonde. Her highlights stand out in this sloppy cut. Teased hair makes it seem fuller and thicker. Long side-swept bangs give her a youthful appeal.

4. Sharp-Ended Layers

Jennifer's jawline is accentuated by neat layering. Her cheeks are hidden by the center parting and big side bangs. This covers broad or angular cheekbones well.

5. Long Bangs With Long Soft Layers

Jason Bateman's Hollywood Walk of Fame event saw Jennifer wear this showstopper. Her golden highlights and lengthy side bangs enhance her eyes.

6. Slanted Side Parting With Fuller Layers

This style has soft-ended layers. Her other hair seems thicker and fuller. Leaning side parting gives Jen's hairdo height and lengthens her face.

7. Messy Middle Parting With Face-Framing Layers

Cutting layers below the chin emphasizes your jawline. This is particularly true for short or medium hair. Her silken hair contrasts with the untidy parting.

8. Halfway Wavy Layers With A Side Parting

Side partings are great for adding height to hair. Side-part your hair, then comb out and up from the deeper side. Midway down waves may add bounce to fine or thin hair.

9. Silky Natural Wavy Ends

We may learn beauty tips from Jennifer Aniston's hairdresser, who makes her blue eyes sparkle! Her darker hair stands out, and the little waves at the ends create volume.

10. Sleek High Ponytail With Side Swept Bangs

The smooth high ponytail and sweeping side-swept bangs highlight her eyes, nose, lips, and jawline.

11. Naturally Tousled Beach Curls

She understood how to get those tousled waves we like today back then. Curl your hair loosely and roundly. First curl your hair at the jawline to make it flow organically.

12. Wispy Flicked-Out Ends With Layers

The wispy tips enhance Jennifer's layers beautifully. Wispy ends soften and smooth her hair. These frame her face and provide depth to her hair. 

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