14 Gorgeous Long Bob Hairstyles For A Stunning Look

1. Textured Long Bob

Textured ends may instantly spice up long bob hair. This style will revitalize your hair. Textured ends offer body and movement to thin hair, which is great.

2. Beach Waves Lob

Love flows across beach waves. They give hair volume and bounce like no other. Use curling tongs to create loose beach waves for a lovely, playful lob.

3. Asymmetrical Long Bob

For a striking style, cut one side A-line graded. The rounded ends soften the appearance. You can rock the party like never before with pin-straight ends if you have thinner hair.

4. Messy Long Bob

There's something magical about disheveled hair. They make you seem naturally lovely. Try this adorable disheveled long bob instead of stressing about lob shaping. 

5. Straight Lob With Bangs

The straight lob with bangs is a simple haircut for thin hair. The sleek, short bangs won't flatten your hair. To increase structure and airiness, colour your hair blonde and add golden highlights.

6. Layered Long Bob

If you like this disheveled appearance, ask your hairdresser to add layers at your next session. Feathered layers give your hair natural volume and flow. 

7. Middle-Parted Lob

They're elegant, comfy, and simple to maintain. Medium to thick hair suits a middle-parted lob. You may contour your face and add delicate highlights with harsh, choppy edges.

8. Lob With Short Bangs

From Emma Watson to Katy Perry, celebs love fringe. They make your face seem younger and need little upkeep. Therefore, the hairdo has to be generally approved for these reasons.

9. Straight Blonde Lob

The most popular hairdo is pin-straight, shoulder-grazing blonde. Elegant and refined. We see no reason to prevent you from receiving it.

10. Extremely Wavy Lob

Want to test something commercial? Create tight waves on your bob with your styling tools and you're done. Apply hair serum for more shine, and voilà!

11. Lob With Curtain Bangs

Textured lobs with middle-parted curtain bangs are universally flattering. It fits all hair and facial types. If you have a tiny forehead, choose this style.

12. Choppy Layered Lob

This choppy, edgy haircut is for those who like layers and textures than flat irons. Jagged and untidy ends give this shaggy long bob texture. 

13. Lob With Side-Swept Bangs

This adorable and lovely haircut makes your hair seem abundant and healthy. Just remember to add hair serum to make it seem shiny!

14. Lob With Angled Ends

This hairdo is basic and understated. The soft angles wonderfully frame the face. The sleek design is classy and draws attention to your face features.

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