5 Interior Design Trends for Baby Boomers

When it comes to interior design and redecorating a home, baby boomers are likely to spend the most with a budget of $3,000.

Generation X is next with a budget of $2,500, and millennials are last with a budget of $1,500. 

What do baby boomers buy with all that cash, though? Here are some trends in home design that baby boomers seem to like a lot.

Baby boomers are getting older, so their eyes need better lights so they don't have to work as hard. Comfort in a living area is greatly affected by the lighting. 

1. Good lighting

When it comes to furniture, baby boomers want things that serve a purpose and are also comfortable. They don't want to give up comfort for the sake of style, if you will.

2. Comfort and Function

When baby boomers want to redecorate, they usually put low upkeep at the top of their list. It's better if things are easy to take care of.

3. low Maintenance

Having a "flex space" is another popular trend in baby boomer interior design. A flex area is one that can be used for many different things.

4. Flexibility

The bedrooms and baths of baby boomers often want to be on the first floor. This lets them skip the stairs if their knees hurt or their backs hurt. 

5. Accessible Main Floors