7 Best Hanging Basket Plants


Hardy perennial geraniums make superb hanging basket plants. They are similar to pelargoniums, which are also popular hanging basket plants but more fragile and produced in annuals.


Make great hanging flower baskets.They are hardy and grow to fill a basket without any care. Beautiful, exotic flowers can brighten any room or balcony.

Karvinskianus Erigeron

Erigeron karvinskianus, a daisy-like perennial, self-seeds abundantly. It simply acts in a very nice subtle and charming way, and you get these clouds of daisy flowers.


A small petunia called million bells, these luxuriant flowering basket plants are trendy.Calibrachoa thrives in sun and shade and tolerates summer rains.


These blousy pink perennials are very resilient, but they only last a few years. Luckily, cuttings reproduce them easily.


Hanging baskets look fantastic with petunias. They have a simplistic, minimalist aesthetic and come in single or double colors. The plant's hanging style displays plenty of blossoms, minimizing waste.


Adding brilliant daisy-like blooms from summer to fall, osteospermums are great for hanging baskets. They attract pollinators and appear in many colors.

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