7 Dangerous Zion National Park Hikes Besides Angels Landing

The Narrows: This iconic hike involves wading and sometimes swimming through the narrow slot canyon of the Virgin River.

Observation Point via East Rim Trail: The Observation Point hike offers incredible views of Zion Canyon but involves a strenuous ascent with exposed sections and switchbacks. Hikers should be prepared for steep terrain and bring plenty of water.

Hidden Canyon: The Hidden Canyon Trail features narrow sections with drop-offs and chains to assist hikers. While not as famous as Angels Landing, this trail still requires careful navigation and may not be suitable for those with a fear of heights.

West Rim Trail to Angels Landing: The section of the West Rim Trail leading to Angels Landing is less crowded but still involves steep drop-offs and narrow paths. Hikers should use caution and avoid this trail during inclement weather or high winds.

Canyon Overlook Trail: This short but steep trail leads to a stunning viewpoint overlooking Zion Canyon. The trail can be narrow and rocky, so hikers should watch their footing, especially in icy or wet conditions.

Echo Canyon to Observation Point: This longer alternative route to Observation Point involves hiking through Echo Canyon, which may have sections requiring scrambling over rocks and navigating narrow passages.

Kolob Arch Trail: Located in the less-visited Kolob Canyons section of the park, the Kolob Arch Trail is a long hike to see one of the largest free-standing arches in the world.

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