8 Older Women Hairstyles to Look Younger

A Fulani Braid

A protective hairstyle with cornrows down the head and in opposite directions. To keep trendy, older women can wear this protective style.

Shoulder-Length Wavy

Shoulder-Length Add volume to fine hair by altering the side of your hair parting and massaging your scalp.

Double Ponytails

As your body creates new hair and loses existing hair, you lose 50–100 hairs daily. This rate remains constant throughout life, however hair growth slows.

Layered Bobs

Layered bobs let hair flow naturally. The classic bob is constantly in style. Straightened bobs are chic.


Bangs are available for many face shapes, including square, heart, and round. Dry your bangs well to keep them in shape all day.

Soft Waves

These days, soft waves and natural curls are fashionable. Soft curls can soften your face and make your hair look springier and younger.


Layered hair moves, regardless of length. Layered hair bounces and sways more, making the individual look younger.


The U-cut is great for older women who want volume.With hair behind shoulder

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