7 Kitchen Island Renovation Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Space

1. A minor enhancement

Start with little island improvements. Include some kitchen tools. Create a relaxed breakfast area. A grilling rack or location to cut meat and veggies. 

Add colorful devices. Or use the counter as a countertop. Turning it into a minibar adds another stylish touch. With glass racks over the counter and alcohol storage below.

2. Make use of colors

Use a similar or contrasting color for drama. All-white kitchens are tidy and attractive. Bright, joyful colors and boho colors make your kitchen more attractive and lively.

3. Make a focal point

Recycled glass, marble, or granite countertops are ideal for the kitchen island, which is the focal point. Adding aesthetic appeal.

4. Seating

Add chairs around the kitchen island to enjoy fast meals, work, or entertain visitors while you prepare. Make sure each seat has 24 inches to prevent elbow collisions. 

Seating choices provide an informal dining environment for smaller parties and design ideas to beautify the kitchen. Always match the chair height to the countertop height.

5. Made to order

Building a kitchen island to your specifications. You may add a lower oven and a large tabletop for baking. The countertop might be a sink and chopping board. 

6. Shelves that are open

Open kitchen islands showcase fine china and glasses. Few racks for dishware. Use glass doors or keep them open. Decorate shelves with baskets, cookbooks, or other culinary items.

7. Make a statement

A kitchen island in a different color or style will stand out. Add chairs or bar stools to make it appear better.

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