7 of the Best Beauty, Skin-Care, and Makeup Tips for People Over 50

1. Moisturizing Concealer Equals a More Natural Finish

They're always there to save the day by making us look awake and alert even when we're tired or have a pimple.

2. Lightweight foundation is the way to go

Similarly, choosing the right type of foundation for mature skin is also key for a natural finish.

3. Avoid salicylic acid at all costs

Even though salicylic acid is praised as a great acne-fighting skin care ingredient, it shouldn't be used on adult skin. 

4. Add vitamin K to your skin-care routine, stat

Vitamin K helps lessen the look of dark circles and lowers the look of sagging, wrinkles, and puffiness under the eyes. 

5. Use these four skin-care ingredients daily

That people over 50 use four other key skin-care ingredients, in addition to vitamin K: oxide of zinc.

6. Opt for gentle skin-care gadgets

Due to decreased collagen and elastin formation, older skin is thinner, thus physicians advise against severe scrubbing or pulling.

7. A minimalist skin-care routine is best

People may think that they need more skin care products as they age to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy, but the opposite is true. 

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