8 Best Hairstyles Featuring Blonde Curly Hair

1. Long Curly Blonde Hair with Shadow Root

Long curly blonde hair looks exceptionally feminine and sexy.

2. Curly Blonde Bob

If you’re searching for a polished yet playful look, consider a blonde curly bob.

3. Warm Blonde Curls

Ladies with naturally wavy long hair can make it look even better by adding layers and going blonde. 

4. Natural Curls with Blonde Highlights

With blonde highlights, springy curls look great, so it's definitely worth it, even if it takes a few sessions.

5. Light Blonde Color on Coily Hair

 Bleaching your hair can completely change how you look by giving your curls more shape and volume.

6. Curly Bob with Platinum Blonde Highlights

The platinum hue could be your way to go if you’re looking for an elegant option to wear blonde curly hair.

7. Honey Blonde Curly Hair

Perm curls are an excellent choice if you crave a major change in your appearance.

8. Curly Bob with Bangs

A blonde curly bob with bangs is a fun and bold hairstyle that blends the classic beauty of a bob with the fun and flirty energy of curly hair.

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