Ideas For Bedroom Paint That Will Make You Rethink Your Space

Colour drench all over

'Painting bedroom walls, borders, ceilings and shutters in the same colour can contribute to creating a harmonious and balanced space.

Pick a trio of colours

Colour blocking is a known interior design application these days, but instead of picking the usual single or dual colours, consider a trio instead.

Paint two thirds of your wall

If you want to add warmth to an all white scheme then choose a pale blush shade and apply it to the bottom two thirds of your walls and keep the rest white

Repeat tones of the same colour

Painting two walls in the same colour and the ceiling in a second, deep shade will create a cosy feel.

Create a striking headboard

creating a hand-painted DIY headboard is a super affordable, easy way to transform a bedroom wall.

Go for a painterly effect

This is a great trick for small bedrooms that makes your ceilings seem higher. Choose a colour on the base but then bleed into white and continue the white onto the ceiling.

Give a wall its stripes

Inject a dose of understated elegance and sophistication into your bedroom by painting bold stripes in blush pink and white.

Add accent colour as a border

'Use natural breaks such as corners, alcoves, shelving, dado or picture rails to start and stop the different colour choices' advises Judy.

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