8 Best Virtual Hair Makeover Apps

1. Garnier Virtual Shade Selector

Put your hair in a ponytail or bun before taking the photo. Link crops hairstyles and places them over images using Photoshop. You may adjust hairdo size depending on face size.

2. StyleCaster’s Virtual Makeover

Upload or choose a model's picture from the site. Put your hair in a ponytail or bun for the photo. Link crops hairstyles and places them over images using Photoshop. 

3. Marie Claire’s Virtual Makeover

Upload a system or Facebook picture to a hairstyle simulator. Use one of the model's website-preloaded photos. You may alter hairdo and color.

4. Matrix’s Virtual Makeover

You may submit a photograph or let the website utilize your camera to see how the hair colors appear on you. Hair is automatically detected by the website. Just select a hue!

5. Seventeen’s Salon Makeover

Website utilizes chopped haircuts from other pictures. Drag and drop them on your face. You may also change the hairstyle's size.

6. UK Hairdressers Virtual Hairstyler

Better with a ponytail or low bun. Use any model picture from the website. Choose your hairdo and color. Drag the hair with your mouse or keyboard to arrange it neatly over your picture.

7. ModiFace Virtual Makeover

Tie your hair for photos. Drag and drop clipped hairstyles from other photographs onto your own to utilize the program. Zoom in and out to alter hairdo size and color.

8. Chouchou: Virtual Hair Try-On

You must highlight your hair using the app's brush. It may be harder than it appears. Some applications magnify your hair to simplify outlining. However, it remains challenging.

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