8 Christmas Decor with Indoor Plants

Poinsettia Display

Display colorful poinsettias in elegant pots. Place them on tables, mantles, or as a centerpiece.

Mini Christmas Tree Plants

Decorate miniature ornaments and lights on small potted evergreen trees. Place them on side tables or in your foyer as a festive addition.

Ornamental Ferns

Indoor fern fronds can be adorned with little trinkets or fairy lights. This adds a whimsical twist to your existing flora.

Festive Foliage Garland

Make a garland out of eucalyptus, pine needles, and holly. For a natural and festive look, drape it over mirrors, over mantles, or across shelves.

Succulent Arrangements

Arrange succulents in seasonal containers or terrariums. For a wintery touch, consider adding small ornaments or imitation snow.

Cinnamon Stick Planters

For a fragrant and festive touch, wrap cinnamon sticks around the base of potted plants. Tie them with string or ribbon to make them more appealing.

Fairy Light Ficus Tree

Use fairy lights to create a wonderful and glittering look on your indoor ficus tree. For a Christmas touch, add tiny ornaments.

Seasonal Herb Pots

In festive pots, plant herbs like rosemary, thyme, or mint. Enjoy the delicious aroma of these herbs while using them in holiday cookery.