10 Dishes That Are Iconic for Baby Boomers

When I was a kid in the U.K., I only saw meatloaf on TV comedies. I thought it looked like a big roast burger loaf.

1.  Meatloaf 

If Gen-Z has its way, people may no longer be able to buy local cold cuts, pickled peppers, or cheeses. 

2. Deli Products

I'm glad I've never seen this thing, and unless I go to the Deep South, I probably never will. Ambrosia is whipped cream with canned fruits and nuts in it.

3. Ambrosia

"I'll pick up a pack when I see them at the dollar store just because it reminds me of old times," says a thread watcher.

4. Twizzlers

The older people love soup a lot more than their children and grandchildren. Maybe people ate (or drank) soup more often when money was tight.

5. Soups and Stews

When parboiled foods sit in a can full of brine for months, they can smell bad. But if you give anyone, boomer or not, a few beers and hide one in some bread and mustard, they will ask for more.

6. Vienna Sausages

Nothing says "boomer" more than a warm cheese quiche coming out of the oven, and let's be honest: quiches aren't the coolest.

7. Quiche

Cans are a holdover from the time after World War II, when many people needed them to stay alive.

8. Canned Foods