8 Pixie Hairstyles Mature Women

A short, elegant pixie cut that frames and accentuates the face. It is stylish and simple to maintain.

1. Classic Pixie

For a stylish and juvenile look, add texture and volume to your pixie cut with layers and subtle spikes.

2. Textured Pixie

For a soft and elegant appearance that adds dimension to your face, sweep the longer front strands to one side.

3. Side-Swept Pixie

For a whimsical and contemporary take on the classic pixie, incorporate layers and choppy ends.

4. Short Shaggy Pixie

For a dramatic and edgy look, choose an asymmetrical Pixie haircut with longer layers on one side.

5. Asymmetrical Pixie

Gradually taper the sides and back for a refined and easy-to-style pixie cut.

6. Tapered Pixie

For a new and youthful look, incorporate bangs into your pixie cut. Choose between side-swept and short, blunt ends.

7. Pixie with Bangs

Embrace a disheveled and unkempt appearance by adding texture and volume to your pixie cut for a carefree yet fashionable look.

8. Messy Pixie

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