8 ‘Polite’ Habits That Quietly Annoy Almost Everyone

All of us have been there. You're enjoying your chicken wings, and out of the blue, you decide to share with your friend. 

1.  An Unplanned Food Fest

You like someone, and you finally work up the nerve to ask them out. But your offer is about as clear as a foggy windshield.

2.  Vagueness Is Not a Virtue, Especially on Dates

Imagine that you come to a four-way stop and another car starts the "No, you go first" routine. 

3.  The Unwanted Traffic Director

You might think it's nice to apologize for every little mistake, but it can make others feel like they're always at fault.

4.  The Avalanche of Apologies

It might seem like a fun way to connect with friends on social media to tag them in every joke or post. 

5.  The Relentless Tagging Machine

Self-deprecation may seem like a funny way to show humility, but it can be unpleasant for others. To offset your self-criticism, they may comfort or commend you. 

6.  The Bane of Self Deprecation

Backseat drivers who give directions and tips without being asked can be annoying to the person driving. Keep those "helpful" directions to yourself unless asked.

7.  The Unwanted GPS

Even though being on time is usually welcomed, showing up too early for an event can put the host under too much pressure.

8.  The Early Bird’s Surprise