8 Splendid Ideas of Color Blocking Hair

1. Touch of Silvery Blue

This shocking haircut by the talented hairstylist Andy Judd shows that block coloring can work on all hair types.

2. Unicorn Locks

Incorporate several pieces of lighter hair color into your dark hair for a dreamy vibe, just like color and extensions specialist Montana Schmidt did.

3. Hot and Cold Shades

The stylist from Lafayette, Louisiana, Nicolette Winter, was brave when she put icy blonde locks on top of a coppery base to create a stark difference. 

4. Burst of Sunshine

The cascading brown mane highlights these gorgeous yellow locks, like the sun peeking through clouds.

5. Understated Subtlety

If you thought that you can only achieve fun and daring looks with color-blocking hairstyles, think again!

6. Flickering Flame

Pammella Rose, a stylist from New Jersey, gave this dark brown mane a new look with a bright orange streak that looks like campfire flames.

7. Passionate Scarlet

Natália Rok from São Paulo salon Cubo Cubo Cubo found a perfect way to marry vibrancy and mystery in one look. 

8. Chocolate Mauve

consider spicing them up with a pinch of mauve, which is one of the most delicious and subtle purple hues.

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