9 Best Fitness Classes to Take If You're Over 60

That moderate to vigorous cardiovascular exercise should be the backbone of your fitness practice. They also say that it's important to include activities that help you build balance.

1. Yoga

Taking a class to learn how Pilates works will not only give you the right equipment, but it will also show you how to do the range-of-motion movements perfectly.

2. Pilates

Even if you're in your 60s, that doesn't mean you have to slow down. There are still lots of safe exercise classes that will test how fit you are.

3. Cycling

Rowing classes have many of the same benefits as indoor cycling, but you also get more upper-body muscle endurance exercise.

4. Rowing

Another great way to get your heart rate up at any age is to take a water exercise class. But  it's a great way for older people to keep their hearts healthy.

5. Water aerobics

When you were younger, you may have gone to the gym by yourself to work on your strength. Though, that older people might want to take a class to improve their skills.

6. Strength training

Try Tai Chi for a class that will get you moving no matter how fit you are. The practice is often called "moving meditation" because it focuses on slow, controlled moves and deep breathing.

7. Tai Chi

That even just one walk or similar bout of exercise can improve sleep, memory, the ability to think and learn, and worry symptoms.

8. Walking groups

Keep in mind that even if your physical skills change over time, there are still classes, like chair aerobics, that are likely to meet you at your fitness level.

9. Chair aerobics