9 Golden Beauty Rules for Mature Skin

In addition to good hydration, blurring technology has improved make-up performance on older skin.

Rule 1: Prime the skin

We often think that a good skin tone is the same as a glow from the sun. We all know that swimming is dangerous, so many people use self-tanner as part of their beauty routine.

Rule 2: Fake tan the right way

Generally women will love their forehead, as we tend to age in the lower half around our face. So then, put the very least amount on your forehead.

Rule 3: Skip your favourite parts of your skin

Something strange happened about the time I hit 40: well-intentioned friends and loving family members kept asking me if I was tired (cue the pathetic expression). while I was fine.

Rule 4: Choose makeup with skincare benefits

This may sound counterintuitive, but thick formulas that provide too much coverage are to be avoided.

Rule 5: Buildable formulas > Full-coverage

“As we get older, cream blush becomes our best friend. “It brings vitality back to your face.”

Rule 6: Blush those cheeks!

For many women, brush blending is a breakthrough, but Trinny suggests reverting to fingertips.

Rule 7: Your fingers are your makeup brushes

Mature skin often gains texture, which is why powder over 40 is something many make-up artists suggest avoiding.

Rule 8: Choose the right setting powder