9 Hairstyles For Fine Hair To Boost Volume

1. Asymmetrical bob

This trend-setting style adds volume to your hair and definition to your face.

2. Side-part bob

A simple way to get quick lift is to switch the direction of your side part. This will lift the hair from the root, giving you a fuller look.

3. Bob with bangs

A blunt bob with bangs does need to be trimmed often, but it's the best way to make your hair look bigger.

4. Angled bob

A bob with an angle looks great when it's poker straight and shows off the trending sharp lines.

5. Messy lob

Ask your hairdresser to cut your hair in short, choppy layers to give it more movement and volume right away.

6. Mid-length bangs

You might think bangs are scary, but a blunt fringe that goes up to your eyebrows can make fine hair look bigger and better.

7. Bouncy blow-dry

Use our Volume Lift Thickening Blow Out Spray on towel-dried hair before you blow dry it to make sure your style lasts.

8. Dutch braids

Braided hair will never go out of style; braids look great on all hair types.

9. Tousled loose waves

Having wavy hair can make your style look fuller right away. This kind of wave doesn't need heat to work, so it does less damage.

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