8 Inspiring Grey Hairstyles for Black Women Over 50

1. Salt and Pepper Faux Hawk

She lost a few years while wearing this salt-and-pepper hairdo with a cool fake hawk.

2. Elegant Bob

A basic bob is an ideal grey hairstyle for black women over 50 who wish to keep it elegant.

3. Cornrowed Bun

Cornrows are the go-to protective hairstyle for senior black ladies especially when their tresses become thin and weak.

4. Textured French Crop

Keep things simple with an edgy French crop that has a short top, even shorter sides, and cute baby bangs in front.

5. Relaxed Drawstring Pony

To get this look, smooth your hair back into a simple bun and secure it with a tight pony.

6. Sassy Bixie

Bixie haircuts have taken over both pixies and bobs.

7. Clean Buzz

Take a break from years of hair styling with a good old buzz cut.

8. Deva Cut Silver Coils

Showcase the true beauty of your natural curls with a refreshing Deva haircut.