9 Moral Questions That Will Test Your Values

The Trolley Problem: You see a runaway trolley moving towards five tied-up people on the main track. You are standing next to a lever that controls a switch.

Ethical Dilemma in Healthcare: A doctor has five patients who each need an organ transplant to survive (heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and corneas).

The Ethics of Lying: Is it ever morally justifiable to lie? For example, would you lie to protect someone from harm or to spare their feelings?

Euthanasia and Right to Die: Should individuals have the right to choose euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide if they are terminally ill and suffering greatly?

Animal Rights and Testing: Is it morally acceptable to use animals for scientific or medical experimentation if it could potentially lead to significant advancements in human health?

Responsibility for Climate Change: To what extent are individuals morally responsible for combating climate change, considering the impact of individual actions versus systemic changes required?

Capital Punishment: Is the death penalty a morally justifiable form of punishment for heinous crimes?

Ethics of Wealth Distribution: Is it morally acceptable for individuals to accumulate vast amounts of wealth while others struggle in poverty and lack basic necessities?

Privacy vs. Security: Where should the line be drawn between personal privacy and national security in the context of surveillance and data collection by governments or corporations?

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