9 Stylish Hair Colours for Summer 2023

1. Buttercream blonde hair

Natural-looking and creamy, this ultra-soft wearable blonde shade is perfect as we head into the warmer months.

2. Strawberry blonde hair

If you already have blonde hair and want a slight change, strawberry blonde hair is a great option.

3. Pastel pink hair

Summer calls for a pop of pink to refresh your colour and add a little something to your latest Insta story.

4. Blue and purple pastel hair

If you don't like baby pinks but still want to try pastel colors, try adding pastel lilac and blue to give your hair a summer makeover.

5. Copper hair

You might think of copper as a fall color, but this rich, bright shade is a great choice for summer hair. 

6. Blue ombré

Want to try something different? This new take on the classic ombré is the most fun hair color to try out this summer.

7. Bronde balayage

Bronde balayage, which is a mix of brown and blonde, is the perfect summer hair color for brunettes because it adds depth that you can't get with foils or highlights.

8. Blonde hair with dark roots

It used to be a big no-no for blondes to have darker roots showing, but now A-listers can't get enough of it.

9. Jet black hair

This summer, try to go jet black if you have dark brown hair and want to really stand out.

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