Angel Reese frustration from Caitlin Clark controversy and opponent's stance on LSU star

LSU basketball player Caitlin Clark thinks Angel Reese should not be investigated for their "frustrating" incident last season.

Reese copied WWE star John Cena's "you can't see me" hand motion at the end of LSU's NCAA women's basketball national championship win against Iowa, pointing to her ring finger. Some thought this was a hint at her new championship ring's location.

Clark had made a similar motion to another player in a previous tournament, but only Reese was investigated nationally. Reese described the highlight-grabbing motion as irritating on "The Jennifer Hudson Show" Wednesday.

"It was frustrating," Reese added. "To observe women's basketball's growth. 9.9 million watched the game. More than men. I know we'll be remembered, therefore it's bigger than me " I am thrilled to have won the championship. Wish it were discussed more."

Clark acknowledged that basketball involves trash-talking. After scoring 30 points in the national championship game, she told ESPN that Reese's hand motion was unwarranted scrutiny. She added "I do not think Angel should be criticized at all."

"She competed, and I compete. I think everyone understood the competition will have some trash talk. Angel and I aren't alone "she said.

Everyone's competitive. We all express emotions differently. Angel is a great player. She has my complete regard."

Clark liked Reese's rebounding and scoring and all LSU players. Clark also noted that trash talk has been evident in men's collegiate and NBA basketball and believes that female players should be allowed to express it.