10 Least Wanted Dog Breeds

English Foxhound

Imagine a dog that looks like a supersized Beagle, equipped with a majestic air and a passion for the hunt that’s the English Foxhound.

American Foxhound

Bigger than their English counterparts, the American Foxhound boasts remarkable hunting abilities and a distinctive, piercing howl that can’t be missed

Cesky Terrier

Perfect for apartments, Cesky Terriers don’t demand much exercise and won’t drive you nuts with endless barking. They’re the ideal for those seeking a low-key yet delightful furry friend.

Finnish Lapphund

Finnish Lapphunds absolutely adore being surrounded by people and furry friends. But, here’s the catch – when left alone, they can get a bit clingy, battling a case of separation blues.


The Harrier, designed for the thrill of chasing hares and foxes, brings boundless energy and playfulness to the table. These dogs are not just great with kids but also make furry friends easily.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Meet the Scottish Dandie Dinmont Terrier – with their charming long bodies, short legs, and adorable tufts of hair atop their heads, they’re quite the characters.


Otterhounds, originally bred for hunting otters, are equipped with thick coats to brave harsh weather. With their playful nature and love for adventure, they can be quite a handful to train.


The Azawakh is like the athlete of the dog world – speedy and agile! If you’re an active person seeking a furry workout buddy, this breed could be your match.

Sussex Spaniel

Meet the Sussex Spaniel, the British pooch with a sleek, dignified appearance hiding a fun-loving, goofy personality.

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