9 Body Language That Attracts The People Most

All about eye contact

The text says a woman must look at a man three times before he notices. Oh, dudes. Once he realizes, the "gaze process" might continue for several rounds and start the "flirting process."

Be bold

To entice guys, women bare their necks. And you see that when women flip their hair back and they expose that side of their neck. 

Following your navel

Many say to follow your heart in relationships. Others may advise you to lead with your brain. In reality, following your belly button is probably best.

A few "fleeting smiles"

While ordering a woman to smile would never work (really, guys, stop trying), earning her grin is different.

Uncross your arms

The expert told an interview that crossed arms might make you appear cold or uninterested. You unintentionally create a barrier that makes you less accessible.

Rub your "suprasternal notch"

One body part is crucial to body language deciphering. The little area of the body you may not realize you have is the suprasternal notch.

"Accidental" touches

Women want "an opportunity to initiate a light contact on the arm, either 'accidental' or otherwise" with their crushes. After this initial touch, other levels would begin.

A "classic Marilyn Monroe gesture"

In an AM Northwest interview, body language expert disclosed the "ultimate flirting" indication, which incorporates many gestures.

You stand where?

Due to "the cheerleader effect," being in a group might increase your attractiveness. Science explains that "a group's physical attractiveness is higher than the average attractiveness of its members."

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