10 Boomer Skills That Millennials Say Aren't Relevant Anymore

Unless travelers wanted to be hopelessly lost on their road trips, they needed to invest in a road map.

Map reading

Since much of the modern keyboard is based on elements from typewriters, it's not impossible for a person who's never used one to figure it out for the most part.

Typing on a typewriter

For many decades, balancing a checkbook was something every household needed to do each month.

Balancing a checkbook

Even though it might not be fair to say that ironing is dead among young people, it does seem like fewer people own irons or know how to use them than ever before.


For many decades, the idea of mass-producing cheap clothing on the scale that exists now would have been hard to imagine.


Before smartphones, it wasn't rare for people to just remember the phone numbers of their best friends. 

Using a phone book

Because no digital photography or videography can match film's warm aesthetic, young artists may still choose to work in dark rooms.

Developing photographs

There's no question that many people in the younger generations are able to write thoughtful letters, but they don't usually mail them.

Mailing letters

The methods of dating haven't gone away completely, but they've changed so much that it can be hard to tell them apart from what we do now.