Moisturizing, Moisturizing, and Moisturizing Again

Because dry and cold air, wind, and snow can dry and injure your skin, you need protect it even more than normal.

You may already believe that hydration is the most vital aspect of a winter skincare routine.

A Soft Touch

Moisturizing is important not only for your face, but also for your body, so after a shower,

use a towel to gently absorb the water from your skin's surface and then apply the body moisturizers while the skin is still slightly wet.

A Gentle Step

Even if your feet are shielded from the elements, you should nevertheless offer them with hydrating care.

Apply a body moisturizer to your feet after each bath and surprise them with a massage. You'll increase your circulation while also relaxing.

A Smooth Kiss

Winter is a time for celebrations, family reunions, romance, and love. So brace yourself for tons of kisses, especially if you have grandkids visiting for the holidays.

To maintain the balance, use a lip balm to preserve and soothe your lips and a lipstick with an added hydrating effect.

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