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Most Beautiful Bridesmaid Hairstyles

When picking a maid of honor haircut, think about how it will look with her hair length, texture, color, makeup, and outfit. The hair of your maid of honor shouldn't be more beautiful than the bride.

Maid of Honor

They can look beautiful with their hair down. The haircut with the hair down might be too simple, but it just needs to go with their clothes and the theme of the wedding.

Bridesmaid Hair Down

When bridesmaids wear updos, they always look stylish and cute. Many girl hairstyles, like ponytails and braids for long hair, keep the hair up.

Bridesmaid Hair Up

Your girls' hair might look better if they put crown braids into high buns. Crown braids look fancy and classy, especially when they are pushed to the bottom of the bun.

Crown Braid and High Bun

A sleek bun can be worn in many ways. It makes the event look better, especially if the girl dresses are floor-length or have high necks. For a neat bun, use hair spray and bobby pins.

Smooth Bun Updo

Ponytails for weddings can be messy, sparkly, and stylish. Make beachy waves in your bridesmaids' hair before pulling it into a ponytail over their heads.


Flowers add an airy look to a braided updo. The braid on the girl should go from either side to the back and be held in place.

Braided Updo with Flowers

A open bun is a great style for a wedding party. It's easy to do, looks good on all hair types, and is perfect for a wedding.

Loose Bun Updo

A beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle is a curl that is swept to the side. Bouncy curls add depth to classic haircuts and look great with them.

Curls Pulled To One Side

For a classic look, bridesmaids could put one side of their hair behind an ear. The curls that are pushed to one side are made softer by putting a small piece behind the hair that is falling down.

Hair Tucked Behind The Ear

If the wedding is up-to-date or trendy, the girls should have their hair slicked back. With enough gel and hairspray, beautiful women could pull off this look from the runway.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

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