Olivia Dunne Teams Up With AI Wave for a Refreshingly ‘Different’ Look

Few realize Olivia Dunne was a US gymnast before switching to collegiate. Due to multiple NIL deals, the highest-paid NCAA player earns seven figures.

Her 14 million followers make her an influencer, combining gymnastics with internet fame.

AI helps her create distinctive TikTok videos as a digital and gymnastics enthusiast. Her eclectic background captivates her audience, whether she's instructing or using technology. New updates confirm this.

In her latest TikTok video, the 21-year-old let AI determine her hair color. In the video, she lip-synced IT girl songs while the filter turned her blonde hair maroon or rich brick brown.

The full-sleeve black top complemented the new style, which startled fans' beloved Livvy. She captioned, “Apparently, AI knows what hair color suits you.”

She joined another AI trend of uploading 90s-themed yearbook images. "Never took senior pics because I was homeschooled...here ya go #aiyearbook," she captioned it.

She dressed like “Friends” Rachel Green in the first shot. She then looked confident in her half-unkempt high ponytail. Dunne was creative as a cheerleader, class president, or brown-haired woman with beautiful jewelry.

Dunne is releasing several images from the LSU gymnastics stadium showing her practice in addition to being on the SI cover. LSU last placed fourth in the NCAA finals while Olivia placed sixth.

Social media is her second distraction after promising to improve on-mats skills! TikToker is promoting AI again, but did you know it backfired on her?